Instructor Training Course

Becoming an instructor is a lot of work, however if you have the dedication and passion for teaching then our Instructor Training Course can help you to continue to expand and develop your CPD. All our instructors are registered ADI’s and registered with the DVSA, hold a teaching qualification and have the necessary skills and experience in their specialist field of work to ensure you gain a knowledgeable and experienced instructor for your training. Although becoming an ADI is not essential to be able to teach in a professional environment most awarding bodies now specify that there instructors have the experience and backing from the ADI qualification. Driver Training Surrey only use registered ADI’s and have been since we were formed in 2013. This means that you can ensure their legality as well as their competence in your training. Although this is not required by law we strive to give you the best possible training.

Driver Training Surrey also ensures our Instructor Training Course’s allow you to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to help you along the path to a teaching.

Off-Road Instructor Course

Becoming an Instructor for any off-road courses requires skill and experience, something we have to offer. Driver Training Surrey Instructor courses are proven to produce top quality instructors that have the right skills and experience needed when teaching such heavily demanding courses. Our instructor course is held over 4 days and allows you to gain experience and instruction from some of the best instructors. Over the 4 days you will gain a LANTRA certifications in off-road driving along with a basic winching qualification. Although on completion of the course this does not make you a LANTRA or Driver Training Surrey instructor it puts you in a good standing if you wish to progress further with your learning and teaching skills for your CPD.