Off-Road Driver Training Courses South East England

Driver Training Surrey’s Off-Road Driver Training Course complies with the HSE guidelines. All our off-road training is backed by LANTRA AWARDS, an approved awarding body in Nationally recognised qualifications, backed by industry experts. This gives you piece of mind that you are receiving the best possible training.

Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, where employees are provided with a 4×4 vehicle, they are required to have adequate training on vehicle systems with which they may be unfamiliar, our courses satisfy that need.

4×4 One-Day Recreational Driver Training

We designed this course to be highly adaptable so that it can focus directly on the needs of each student. This 4X4 driver training course covers the different terrains that students might encounter. It also explains how driving styles need to be changed in different terrains to ensure personal and passenger safety.

This is the perfect course if you have recently purchased an off-road vehicle or if you are considering owning one. A Certificate of Attendance in Off-Road Driving is issued to the student at the end of the course.

4×4 Two-Day Professional Driver Training

This is an adapted 4X4 driver training programme that we have designed to cover as much information and training as we possibly can inside two days. Focus is placed on the important safety elements of off-road driving. The course covers vehicle preparation, advanced driving skills and vehicle recovery.

This course also provides students from the Sussex, Surrey and South East England an in-depth look into the different types of off-road vehicle and how they work. A Certificate of Training in Professional Off-Road Driving is issued at the end of the course.

4×4 One-Day Experienced Driver Training

Driver Training Surrey designed this course to further improve the existing off-road skills of our students and to also equip them with new ones. Courses are held all over the UK and provide first-hand experience on driving different off-road vehicles in changing terrains and conditions. Ideal as a refresher course, students receive a Certificate in Experienced Off-Road Driving.

Off-Road Driver Training CourseOff-Road Driver Training CourseOff-Road Driver Training Course